The Business Educational List of Resources

It would be impossible to come up with a comprehensive listing of educational resources for business topics, but we’ve done our best to come up with some of the top online sources for lesson plans, quizzes, videos, worksheets and other interactive materials and resources about accounting, communications, economics, human resources, entrepreneurship, information technology, management, marketing and finance.


Accounting Coach. Accounting Coach offers a unique approach to accounting education, with information provided in an interactive format such as interactive exams, quizzes, puzzles, visual tutorials and more.

CT CPA. The Connecticut Society of CPAs provides free links to teacher-submitted rubrics, lesson plans, quizzes and interactive activities and games designed to make accounting fun.

Curriculum Revitalization, funded by the Illinois State Board of Education, offers free accounting lesson plans, powerpoint presentations, quizzes, projects and more for both teachers and students.

Simple Studies. This site offers 19 different tutorials on a variety of accounting topics, as well as timely articles, tests to practice what you know, and a dictionary to help add some clarity to a topic that often uses confusing terms and industry jargon. is a well-known resource offering materials on a variety of subjects. When it comes to accounting, the site offers syllabus resources and lesson plans for 72 different courses. Materials include videos, transcripts and quizzes.

Xero U provides education and resources about accounting, audit and bookkeeping services that can form the basis of and be utilized in lesson plans and educational presentations. Much of the content is provided free of charge.


Isenberg School of Management. This site, provided by UMass Amherst, provides free, downloadable content resources to help adults develop or improve business communication skills such as writing memos, press releases, formal reports, and includes links to grammar and style guides. These resources can be even more valuable when included with other communications learning content.

Lesson Planet. Lesson Planet provides lesson plans, worksheets, apps, presentations and other materials for teachers in primary and secondary education, but the site also provides post-secondary higher education resources including Business Communication and Business Writing.

MERLOT, or the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, contains a vast library of presentations, articles, lesson plans, quizzes and other tools on a variety of topics including business communication and writing.

Money Instructor is a source for public speaking and business communication tools and resources. With resources designed to help improve communication skills, learn how to make more effective presentations and improve public speaking skills, you’ll find lesson plans, articles, ideas and more.

One Stop English provides lesson plans, worksheets and other materials for all types of business writing, including reports, newsletters, formal and informal letters and more.


Alison is a website offering free, certified learning and in-depth content resources for economics fundamentals like supply and demand, behavioral finance, GDP and inflation, monopolies and more.

Council for Economic Education provides standards-based educational resources including lesson plans, videos and activities that are appropriate for both high-school age students as well as adult learners. Topics include economics for entrepreneurship, financial fitness and better money habits.

Federal Reserve. The Fed is the central banking system of the United States but also seeks to provide educational information to the public and businesses about economics and finance. Its “Classroom Economist” is an online multi-media teaching package all about core economic concepts.

McRel offers lesson plans and learning activities on economics, including budgeting, debts, interest rates, markets, the role of government, supply and demand, scarcity, unemployment and much more. With dozens of online courses and videos covering everything from basic economics 101 to industry-specific coursework like agricultural economics and developmental economics, this can be a one-stop shop for those looking for economics training.

Human Resources

Explore HR includes Human Resources and Human Resources Management tools and training plans designed to help with just about every aspect of HR education including planning, recruiting and selection, performance appraisals and ongoing career management.

Lesson Planet offers 238 resources for human resources learning, including lesson plans, printable activities and worksheets, quizzes and much more.

One Stop English provides step-by-step lesson plans and instructions for HR coursework including HR management, selection and recruiting, health and safety, performance appraisal and employee training.

SHRM. The Society for Human Resource Management offers a variety of lesson content ideas, articles and other resources, in addition to offering seminars and on-site training and development courses for Human Resources professionals seeking more in-depth learning. has a library of 103 lessons and printable materials about human resources including video lessons, lesson transcripts, syllabi and quizzes.


Applied Educational System offers best practices, tips and recommendations for lesson plans about entrepreneurship, drawing on real-world experience as the basis for lessons.

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education. This list includes links to other valuable teaching tools, lesson plans and resources about entrepreneurship, introducing topics such as franchising, promotion and market research in fun, engaging ways.

EconEdLink offers seven different detailed lesson plans about entrepreneurship, offering an instructor version, a student version and a projector version for maximum learning.

Education World provides lesson plans submitted by other teachers, as well as tools and templates around entrepreneurship and related topics for new business owners.

Money Instructor‘s website includes printable lesson plans, worksheets and activities, as well as related articles and tools.

Information Technology

Codecademy. Codecademy offers training and resources for learners and teachers on how to create websites, use SQL, Java, Git, Rails, HTML, Javascript, APIs and much more, to help today’s business professionals be able to better navigate the world of IT.

Discovery Education‘s website includes printable and interactive lesson plans and other resources about IT, robotics, computer technology and much more, designed to make learning fun.

SCORE. The SCORE Association provides valuable learning and teaching resources on a variety of topics, including information specifically designed to help cut through the confusion when it comes to technology. Content is available on topics including IT security, software, websites and more.

Small Business Computing offers news on current tech trends and updates, slideshows, tips, product guides and reviews and more. While resources are geared to small business owners, much of the information provided is also applicable for a wider audience and can easily be incorporated into IT learning for any industry.

Tech & Learning offers live technology learning events, webinars and a library of online resources, printable resources and plans, articles, white papers, tips, videos and more, helping businesses be on the forefront of what is going on in the technology arena.

TED. Technology is one of the most popular topics available on TED, with more than 625 video “talks” available. Learn about hackers, robots, tech breakthroughs and much more right through your computer, then incorporate what you’ve learned into lesson plans.


American Management Association. The AMA offers seminars, webcasts, courses and other printable and interactive learning tools in 24 different areas to help develop leadership and management skills. The AMA’s website also includes additional resources including podcasts, articles and white papers.

Chart Your Course provides management and leadership training programs and resources that can be delivered online or in a classroom setting. More than 600 course options and related resources are available to help leaders build, develop and grow exceptional teams.

Internet4Classrooms is a listing of links to other websites offering additional lesson plans and teaching resources including online quizzes and activities.

Mind Tools markets their site as providing “Essential skills for an excellent career”, and they offer more than 1,000 different resources geared for managers, supervisors and team leaders including everything from project management to stress management.

Virtual Business Management offers lesson plans on everything from supervising employees to risk management and insurance for business managers. Other tools provided include reading assignments and quizzes.

Wharton, through the University of Pennsylvania, provides a variety of management education resources organized by management standards. Find lesson plans and resources for topics including Business Organization, Management Function and Theories, Operations Management, Global Perspective and more.


Applied Educational Systems offers 12 different lesson plans related to marketing, including sports and entertainment marketing, marketing research and marketing-specific projects. Other resources offered on the site include timely blog posts, tips and tools for making business education fun.

Money Instructor provides printable business marketing worksheets, lesson plans and related materials designed for learners from middle schoolers to adults.

Content Marketing Institute. The CMI website is chock full of activities, articles, research, resources, training opportunities, event information and more about content marketing. The site also includes a career section dedicated to content marketing jobs.

HubSpot. Hubspot’s marketing blog includes real-world advice, lesson plans, tips and tricks for business marketing. Business professionals will also find value in the Marketing Resource Library on HubSpot’s website, which includes ebooks, webinars and kits as well as statistics and data to help with marketing efforts.

Marketing Teacher is a free resource for marketing learners, teachers and marketing professionals, and contains more than 400 pages of lessons, videos and other free resources about business marketing.

Vertical Measures offers webinars, presentations and in-person content marketing workshops and training programs for organizations around the world. Resources available on their website also include content and SEO resources for marketing professionals.


Finance in the Classroom is a website offering printable lesson plans, games and activities for young children, high schoolers and adults covering a wide array of financial topics such as budgeting, financial goals and behavior, identity theft and more.

National Education Association. The NEA provides free games, activities, lesson plans, lesson sets, quizzes and more for learners of any age. The site also includes background information to help put the financial literacy materials in context.

Pathway to Financial Success is a resource offering engaging, ready-to-use lesson plans, including handouts, homework assignments, in-class activities, worksheets and links to videos and games online.

Practical Money Skills provides lesson plans and content resources to teach finance to learners of any age. In addition to lecture guides, you’ll find worksheets and free quizzes and tests available to download.

The United States Mint offers financial literacy activities, hundreds of lesson plans and other resources designed to promote basic economic understanding in learners.

Thirteen Ed‘s site includes more than a dozen tried-and-true financial education lesson plans, and web-based related activities, and new lesson plans and materials are added each month.